Source: Entrepreneur Blog by Mikal E. Belicove

Mikal Belicove offers his 10 tips for better content marketing:

  1. Be goal-oriented: You need to create a business-aligned communications strategy where everything links back to company goals.
  2. Use great writers: It’s the quality of your thoughts that are on display and you need writers who can relate them intelligently…
  3. Calendar everything: Plan your work and work your plan, and that starts with creating and vigilantly maintaining an editorial calendar for nearly all of your content.
  4. Distribution rules: If content is king, then distribution is the ace. Putting content in front of the right consumers — and lots of them — is key.
  5. Wear a white hat: The worse thing you can do is employ keyword stuffing and bogus blogs to serve as a link bait to your website.
  6. Diversify your content: Content marketing offers you the opportunity to publish in multiple formats, settings and channels.
  7. Make it evergreen: Most of your content shold be perpetually relevant… I recommend a 70/30 split (70 percent evergreen, the rest relevant for at least the time being). Evergreen content stands the test of time, reinforcing your business-related goals.
  8. Curate your content: Aggregating and providing access to content in your own branded environment — your own website or eNewsletter or web portal — puts you in the position of being credited for sharing, not hoarding, content.
  9. Design matters: The formatting and design of your website, blog, eNewsletter, white papers, case studies, FAQ list, etc. must be great. If you don’t nail the design or if you dismiss the importance of a professional layout, don’t expect the majority of us to take your content seriously.
  10. Analyze performance indicators: Analyze and adjust your approach to content marketing based on key performance indicators, including calls-to-action. Creating content is job one; analyzing and adjusting as you go are part of job one!

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