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I’ve put together a list of 777 business and marketing ideas for you to use as a powerful resource. This is not my first time at the business list rodeo. In 2009, I compiled 189 business ideas for photographers. That went so well that in 2010 I created  505 marketing ideas.  Now, I’ve taken the list to a new level. I’ve added new and updated ideas inspired by my personal experiences. I’ve reworded previously created lists, and my twist on blog post lists from around the web. Full disclosure:  I have inserted a few  relevant web links as examples for a few topics.  I also have a few Amazon affiliate links connected to some book recommendations.

Honestly, you don’t need a list of 777 business and marketing ideas.  Sometimes you only need one good idea. I don’t expect you to read the entire list in one sitting. I do recommend you bookmark this site, so when you need some direction or inspiration you have access to a good resource.  Look for the ideas that feel right for your business and test them. I have highlighted a few areas of focus in red, such as websites, blogs, SEO and social media sites.

Always test.  Not all of these ideas come from my personal experience; I cannot guarantee every idea will work for you, your business or industry.  I will guarantee that there are ideas in this list that will change your life if you apply them well. Believe it or not, in the world of business there are more than 777 great business and marketing ideas available to you.  So, enjoy this list until I get to the next, much larger list, in 2014.  Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments section.
The big business and marketing list

  1.     General Marketing: Write a marketing plan.
  2.     Choose your company name wisely.
  3.     Develop a direct mail campaign.
  4.     Test headlines using Google AdWords.
  5.     Try combination marketing.
  6.     Speak to groups.
  7.     Tailor your business to the customer experience.
  8.     Open a Speakerfile account.
  9.     Ask people why they hire your competition.

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