Source: The Nonprofit Times

Charitable giving increased more than 3 percent while online giving jumped almost 13 percent for the three months ending January 2012, according to the latest giving index.

The Blackbaud Index of Charitable Giving, released recently, indicates that overall charitable giving grew by 3.3 percent – and online revenue rose 12.9 percent – for the three months ending January 2012, when compared with the same period the previous year.

January bring as much good giving news for nonprofits, regardless of subsector. Of the six subsectors identified in the index, three experienced a drop in giving for the month, compared with January 2011:

  • International affairs, down 7.7 percent
  • Environmental and animal welfare, down 7 percent
  • Healthcare, down 5.1 percent

Only two subsectors saw giving rise in January 2012, compared with 2011, led by arts and cultural, 2.4 percent, and human services, 1.8 percent. Giving to public and society benefit organizations was flat.

Sorted by size, organizations of all sizes saw giving rise in January, led by small organizations, with a 5.9 percent spike. Large organizations saw 2.8 percent growth in giving, compared with January 2011, and giving to medium organizations jumped 2.3 percent.

The Charleston, S.C.-based fundraising technology firm updates the giving index monthly, reporting overall giving trends of 1,275 nonprofits representing $2.76 billion in yearly overall giving on a month basis, both online and offline. The online index reports giving of 1,884 organizations representing $424 million in yearly online giving on a monthly basis