Color Makes a Difference

Using color effectively for your print advertising is very important. Readers are 9 times more likely to remember what they see in color, versus something printed in just a single color like black. They are also 70% more likely to remember the details of what they’ve read if printed in color. Most companies find that full color printing is more powerful in every way; it’s easier to retain words, images, text and graphics longer. Small wonder that 50% of company forms and documents are done in full color, from postcards to door hangers. Also, people are influenced by specific colors on packaging, advertisements and other materials.

Some of the world’s top brands stay that way in part because their trademark colors are so much a part of their image. Coca-Cola’s red is very powerful, UPS is reliably remembered for brown and the yellow Best Buy logo is synonymous with bright ideas in electronics values. Certain colors express boldness (red), warmth (yellow), trust (blue) and peacefulness (green). This sets buyers’ moods and may even control their emotions. Combinations of these colors can be very effective in your marketing efforts. You may have to experiment to see which colors work best to establish brand recognition or convey such promotions as “sale” or “exclusive,” but full color lets you be more edgy than a monochrome or grayscale look. Determining your target audience will help you decide what kind of a color message to send.

• Make sure your design makes the color work. Even if you splash certain colors over your advertising materials, they need to be designed well and be relevant. Your logos, layout and even company name must work together synergistically to convey the unique message and brand identity you want to convey. If not, your message may get lost or create a mood like “power” or “boldness” when you want to emphasize softness, wholesomeness or another personality.

• Carry your color scheme and design across all of your advertising and marketing materials. This consistency will make your marketing more powerful since people can see one look across all your materials and remember your brand.

Let color help make a positive impact that will stand out from the crowd. Work with your printer to learn what color strategies work best for print ads, direct mail and other media.