Source:  Business2Community

To get through the screening process and reaching the interview is an accomplishment that is commendable in itself. The days leading up to the meeting should be used, carefully planning and preparing; to be certain that you make the best impression possible. There are some basics for creating that lasting image and standing out among the competition.  Interview preparedness tips include printing several copies of your resume (even though your prospective employer has already received one via email), dressing your best and learning as much about the company.  However, not every candidate, while on an interview, considers presenting their business card, which not every candidate can do. Having a personal business card provides an easy, close at hand, access to your contact information for prospective employers.  Assuming the competition spent hours getting ready, purchased the designer suit and has the same if not better qualifications than your own, it is important to utilize subtle interview tactics to help gain the competitive edge.

When you are on an interview you are very likely to meet with more than person within the company.  Present each person with a distinctive business card that provides basic, pertinent, information about you. Custom business cards have the option for a special place holder for your professional head shot. A business card can be slipped into an interviewer’s pocket or wallet; locations other that the resume pile, which helps remind the prospective employer about you. Passing business cards along also conveys the message that you are focused and take your career search seriously. These qualities can be translated into just the traits that the company desires in a new hire.

Creating the right card for your job search takes a little forethought and creativity.  If you are in a creative industry you will want to design it to show a sense of style that helps define you. If you are in a more conservative industry, austerity may be preferable.  The information you provide on the interview business card must be tailored to you specifically.  Instead of having your standard email address on your card, get a separate one just for your job search.  Your name followed by @ and the server name such as Gmail or Yahoo mail, is free, and the most common email services.  If your name is not available, try simple variations like initial and surname.  Always include professional social media like your LinkedIn profile but never use a personal Facebook account.

Presenting a business card on an interview will not only help you stand out, but will also make you easily accessible and enhance your polished, professional image.  It may raise you that one notch over your competition, which will get you hired.