Much of your organization’s success depends on an effective brochure in obtaining new buyers and maintaining previous customers for businesses and in acquiring donors and supporters for nonprofits.

Just like your website, your printed brochure speaks for you and your organization when you are not around.

So why do we need a brochure?

If produced professionally, your brochure is the most important document in your organization
because it has shelf life.   It is always in view when placed on a desk, counter or in a holder.

Unlike business cards, which only hold your own personal information, a brochure introduces your whole organization.

A brochure is usually the first thing that comes into a prospect’s hand before ever calling your organization.

So here are some tips on how to make your brochure standout and deliver the right message to your prospects.

  1. One of the most important things for a brochure to be effective is to get the attention and interest of its readers. The physical look, such as colors, designs and text, must be eye-catching .
  2. The front of your brochure should be simple and impactful, incorporating a distinctive image(s) with a headline and some descriptive short bullet points.
  3. Make your headline as short as possible. The headline should be brief with a clear message about what you do or who you are.
  4. Too much text, not only in the front but throughout the brochure, turns people off.
  5. While getting the prospects attention is important, keeping them interested is the hardest.  A prospect wants to know ”what-is-it-for-me?.”
  6. The text should be easy to read and make good use of empty space.
  7. Keep the copy simple.  Give your readers just enough information so that they want contact you.  There is an old advertising mantra “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”
  8. Your brochure should fit in a standard envelope size for mailing purposes.
  9. When printing your organization’s contact info, once is enough, because it is more professional.

A brochure is just one piece of information used for informing the public and prospects about your organization.  But it is one of the most important!

Contact us and we will help you design and print an effective brochure to fit your budget.  Call us for any specials!