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2012 is coming to an end and Google has been very active with the latest Panda and Penguin updates during this year. Indeed, search engine optimization is a moving target of every webmaster competing for traffic! In this article, we will discuss five projections by SEO experts around the globe.

Review of the Recent Google Updates

Panda and Penguin updates this year took the online world by storm. Google had made the effect of penalizing website with no added value to readers. Duplicated and weak content were abolished and eradicated. Using analytics and quality metrics, Google was able to also get rid of spam blogs with overly stuffed keywords. The focus has to be articles with cornerstone content. On the rise are content (either in the form of video, text or image) thriving with uniqueness.

So if you’re a blogger, promoter of any online content or anything of this sort, you should abide by this mandate.

What might Google come up with in 2013? Let’s find out!

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