By Joanne Fritz,  Source: About.com Guide

Older people are readers. They read magazines, newspapers, books, brochures, newsletters, even direct mail. They visit the public library frequently, and they may be the last subscribers to the disappearing newspaper.

Yet marketers, profit and nonprofit, continue to make grave errors in their print materials for mature audiences. Here are the top do’s and don’ts of designing material to appeal to your mature readers.

1. Augment Your Type
2. Use Appropriate Typefaces
3. Use Good Contrast
4. Break it Up!
5. Color It Carefully
6. Use Photos Effectively
7. Make It Easy For Your Readers
8. Did We Say They Like to Read?

Don’t take print for granted. Work with us to make sure that your mature readers can easily access your information. With care, your material can be both stylish and easy to read.

Mature adults are willing readers. Take advantage of it.

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