Source: Huffington Post by Fred Leeb

Who is Responsible to Ensure that Nonprofits Operate Most Efficiently?

Everyone and no one. While the great majority of people in the nonprofit world are good people, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the financial system is functioning most effectively. When everyone and no one is responsible, it means that nonprofit clients/customers/patients can easily fall through the cracks because nobody without other vested interests represents them at the table. This is a tremendous flaw in our nonprofit system. The most vulnerable people often have:

  • No voice of their own in the process,
  • No leverage,
  • No significant buying power,
  • No vote,
  • No seat on the board,
  • No direct communication links to decision-makers,
  • No ability to take their business elsewhere, and
  • No substantial access to outside professional help

While there are many stakeholders, auditors, reporting requirements and accreditation organizations, there are no organizations or individuals who are tasked to disrupt the status quo to create positive change. Many different stakeholders could do so but it is much easier and much less risky to just continue business as usual.   Read more…